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Category: Seasonal

January 17, 2018

DogWatch Dog Story: Daisy

Daisy the black lab puppy lives on a corner lot in Edina. She’s a very smart girl who started learning commands and hunting basics when she was tiny. She is well-behaved so when she gets outside in the yard she runs and plays to let off some steam. And since she’s a DogWatch dog, she can do so freely.

Daisy is the only dog in her house, but she has two human siblings who keep her busy and cuddle with her. Her dad Mike has had dogs before, and is looking forward to get back into bird hunting with Daisy. She’s a fast learner, so she quickly picked up “heel” and “give.”

She also learned her yard boundaries fast. She was tempted at first by neighbor dogs and nearby crows, but after her training she just sits patiently and hopes they’ll make their way into the yard. One of her favorite things about her yard is all the trees – because in the fall that means leaf piles! She’s a wonderful, fun-loving pup and we’re glad she’s part of the DogWatch family.

January 5, 2018

New Year Dog Resolutions

It’s the time of year when we reflect on the past 365 days, and try to do better in all aspects of life. Maybe you’re working on relationships – with your family, your friends, yourself. Consider the relationship with your pets, too. They probably aren’t too hard to please, so why not give them a little extra love in 2018? Here are some ideas to give your dog the best year ever.

JANUARY – Use those holiday gifts together. Give your dog one of the bones he got to open himself, and pull out the rope toys and balls. Play tug-of-war or hide and seek or indoor fetch. You’ll never regret some quality time with your pup.

FEBRUARY – Dole out some extra love this Valentine’s Day. Pets and scratches are classics, but try adding some eye contact. Dogs show love to their owners and pick up on their emotions by looking in their eyes.

MARCH – Get in some outdoor time during the snowiest month in Minnesota. If your dog loves fresh powder, go outside with her to enjoy it. Throw snowballs, roll around, and remind yourself and your pup how fun winter can be – even though it feels like it lasts forever!

APRIL – Get inspired by Easter egg hunts and create a treasure hunt for your dog. Hide treats and toys around the yard or house, depending on the weather, and give your dog hints along the way. It’s a fun way to stimulate your dog’s brain and fill up an afternoon with the family.

MAY – Take advantage of the warmer weather and bring your dog to a dog park. If you don’t do it often, it can feel like a chore. You have to pack up your dog in the car, probably wipe her down with a towel before she can get back in the car, and everything in between. But once you see her darting across the park and making new friends it will all be worth it.

JUNE – Make a special summery treat for your dog. Frozen treats featuring fruit are great for this time of year. This recipe is simple to make, but your dog will get lots of play time out of it.

JULY – Talk to your dog. Summertime is busy for you and your dog, so take some time out and just have a calm chat with your dog. Dogs love any attention you give them, but some low-key chit chat is a nice departure from the attention they might get from kids or strangers.

AUGUST – Teach your dog something new. Working on new tricks is great bonding time with your dog, and challenging her brain is good for her. She’ll love making you happy with her new skill, and you’ll love showing it off at summer barbeques.

SEPTEMBER – Get back into a routine. When the kids are back in school and summer chaos has started to lull, your dog will appreciate the normalcy of a schedule. Eating at the same time every day and normal walks and bathroom breaks are comforting to him.

OCTOBER – Enter the DogWatch costume contest! You’ll appreciate your pup’s cuteness in a whole new way with the perfect costume, whether you find it or make it yourself. And if you happen to win, your pup will end up with some amazing prizes.

NOVEMBER – Treat your dog to something cozy as winter approaches. A new dog bed perhaps, or a sweater for chilly walks. Start covering your dog up with a blanket when she’s sleeping. It’s an act of love that won’t go unnoticed.

DECEMBER – Bring your dog along for a special holiday tradition. The perfect example is the Christmas tree farm. Your family goes on an adventure together to create memories, and you don’t have to leave your dog behind! Many local tree farms allow dogs.


December 26, 2017

Winter Hidden Fence Installation

Have you ever wondered what hidden fence installers do during the winter? Just kidding, of course you haven’t. But we do install dog fences during the winter months in Minnesota, even when the ground is frozen. If you have a dog that needs to be contained, you need it now, not whenever the weather cooperates.

A typical underground hidden fence consists of burying wire around the perimeter of the yard, securing the wire across the driveway, putting up yard flags, hooking up the electronics, and beginning the dog training process. In the wintertime burying the wire isn’t an option, but everything else is. So we follow all the steps, and then we lay the wire around the perimeter of the yard above ground. The only other difference is that we use green flags instead of white ones.

The wire will make its way to the bottom of the snow and ice and stays secure. Your dog will learn the boundaries in about four days, and you have a working containment system. The last step is in the spring when we come back to bury the wire once the ground is thawed.

No matter the time of year, we want you to know that your dog can be contained.


December 10, 2017

DogWatch Dog Story: Nala

DogWatch customer Robin in Chanhassen, Minnesota has had her hidden fence for years. She has always had labs, and currently has two adorable, chunky yellow labs named Louie and Sidney. Recently, her daughter and husband convinced her to add a husky puppy to the family. She was a little hesitant knowing that huskies’ personalities are so different from labs.

Robin gave in and the family got Nala, the beautiful husky puppy with one brown eye and one blue eye. And she’s definitely not a lab! Nala is sassy, dramatic, independent and loves the winter. She always wants to be outside, and even takes naps in the snowy yard.

Robin and the three pups live on a busy corner, so they really need the dog fence to work. The labs are old pros and know exactly where to go and where not to go. But Nala had to learn the ropes, too. She got her own collar and set off on the training adventure this December. She quickly learned to watch out for the flags, but really looked forward to break times in the snow that accumulated during her training period.

After a week or so, Nala knew her boundaries and stayed in the yard, even when the neighbor dogs were outside and people strolled by on warm morning walks. We love our newest DogWatch dog!