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September 27, 2017

Dog People

At DogWatch we meet lots of people, and the thing they all have in common is they are dog people. And so are we. If you have a dog in your life, you might have some different qualities than your cat-loving friends, or (heaven forbid) people who just aren’t animal people.

Dog people tend to be adaptable. Getting a pooch means you have to make changes to your lifestyle and roll with some punches along the way. You can’t be too set in your ways. There aren’t many dog owners with immaculate white carpet or without a lint roller handy. With your pooch along for the ride of your life, you make adjustments. Maybe you wake up a little earlier than you’d like to, or you bought the Suburu instead of the Porsche. That’s what we do for our furry friends.

If you have a dog in your life, you’re likely stable and responsible. You can’t hop on a plane and leave town any time you want or even stay out too late at night. You probably don’t move very frequently, and you’ve definitely had to pick up dog poo when you really didn’t want to. You have to be prepared for crises ranging from an unexpected jump in the puddle to an emergency trip to the vet. And if you’re like us, you’ve learned a lot from caring for a canine.

Studies show that dog people are more outgoing and social than cat people. It makes sense – if you’re attracted to the in-your-face friendliness of a Labrador or the speed-of-light tail wagging of a Dachshund, you probably enjoy being social and interacting with people. Cat people generally are more introverted and enjoy their time at home, much like their feline companions.

You know how to make sacrifices if you have a dog. If you’ve had a puppy, you’ve sacrificed sleep, shoes, and sanity. If you have adopted a dog, you may have sacrificed your dignity to earn her love. You’ve stopped what you were doing thousands of times and said, “I gotta go let the dog out.” But your dog (hopefully) greets you with a tail wag when you come home early.

Of course there is an endless variety of dog people, but we all have similar experiences and we’ve all been touched by the love and purity of a dog’s heart. At DogWatch of the Twin Cities, we love our customers and believe part of the reason is that you’re dog people like us.