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January 17, 2018

DogWatch Dog Story: Daisy

Daisy the black lab puppy lives on a corner lot in Edina. She’s a very smart girl who started learning commands and hunting basics when she was tiny. She is well-behaved so when she gets outside in the yard she runs and plays to let off some steam. And since she’s a DogWatch dog, she can do so freely.

Daisy is the only dog in her house, but she has two human siblings who keep her busy and cuddle with her. Her dad Mike has had dogs before, and is looking forward to get back into bird hunting with Daisy. She’s a fast learner, so she quickly picked up “heel” and “give.”

She also learned her yard boundaries fast. She was tempted at first by neighbor dogs and nearby crows, but after her training she just sits patiently and hopes they’ll make their way into the yard. One of her favorite things about her yard is all the trees – because in the fall that means leaf piles! She’s a wonderful, fun-loving pup and we’re glad she’s part of the DogWatch family.