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Tag: Dogs

August 2, 2017

DogWatch Dog Kira

Kira is a DogWatch dog in Champlin, Minnesota. When her owners, Jessie and Jason, moved to a new house with a nice big yard in 2016, they wanted to make sure Kira could take advantage of it.
Kira is an American Eskimo/Shiba Inu mix. That combination means she is independent and stubborn at times. It was important that Kira had a consistent boundary since she doesn’t always listen to Jessie and Jason’s commands, especially when there are squirrels and bunnies around.
The DogWatch hidden fence in Kira’s yard makes an hourglass shape – that means that Kira can be in the back yard or the front yard, but she can’t travel between the two. Jessie and Jason let Kira out the sliding door in the back when they’re inside with their 1-year-old son. That way they know she’s just playing in the backyard. She also joins the family for backyard activities like cornhole and campfires. But if she runs out the front door when guests come over, she won’t leave the yard.
Kira is able to go on walks with the family – they just escort her across the hidden fence line. That’s when she gets a chance to meet the other dogs in the neighborhood. She always gets attention from dog lovers when she’s out and about because of her unique look.


July 28, 2017

How to Use DogWatch Indoor Boundaries

DogWatch Indoor Boundaries are an easy, convenient way to keep your pets our of certain areas of the house. A disc-shaped transmitter delivers a correction to the same collar that the dog wears for the hidden fence outside. Here are some ways to use it, from commonplace to creative.

-On a couch – no pets, no pet hair
-Under a bed – finally they’ll use their own beds
-At the bottom of a staircase – no pets upstairs
-Under the garbage can – smelly temptation
-In the baby’s room doorway – those naps are precious
-In the bathroom – toilet water, am I right?
-In the shoe closet – need I say more?
-On the countertop – even when you’re not home
-On top of the litter box – more smelly temptation
-In the dog food cabinet – no snack sneaking
-At the front door – guests can come in without an ambush
-In the garage – keep them safe from chemicals
-In the garden inside a plastic bag – no more digging
-Under the Christmas tree – especially for cats
-In Grandma’s lap – does your lab think he’s a lap dog?
-In the kids’ toybox – not all toys are dog toys
-Inside a package on the doorstep – he’ll never chew another Amazon shipment
-In the kids’ backpacks – no more jumping up on the little ones as they get off the bus

July 25, 2017

Unique Dog Names

When you meet new dogs every day, you come across some unique names. We love the old classics, of course, like Max, Sadie and Buddy. The newer ones we keep hearing include Luna, Bella and Jax. Here are some of the most uniquely named dogs we’ve met:

July 21, 2017

Our Mascot Tripp

DogWatch of the Twin Cities’ mascot is an energetic French Brittany Spaniel named Tripp. He was born in 2015, and he’s been sprinting ever since. Tripp belongs to Guy Treanor, the owner/operator of DogWatch of the Twin Cities, and the two of them do everything together. Their favorite activities are hunting grouse and pheasants, flying small planes and fishing.

Tripp also gets to accompany Guy to install and repair hidden fences around the metro. He can also act as the perfect distraction while training dogs to their new boundaries. Trippy loves to meet other DogWatch dogs and run full speed around customers’ yards.

One place Tripp doesn’t run, though, is out of his own yard, even when the squirrels and deer try to tempt him. He is well-versed on his hidden fence, as well as other DogWatch products. Guy uses the BigLeash Remote Trainer while hunting to silently communicate with Tripp in the field. And when the delivery truck comes, the BarkCollar comes in handy.

If you ever get to meet Tripp, be ready for energy! In a good way….usually.Guy & Tripp Hunting

Tripp Backyard5

Tripp Closeup